Ladybirds and the chicks

Finally, we were allowed to handle the chicks today.  We had to be very careful as they are still less than a week old.  We loved holding them and feeling their scratchy toes and soft, warm bodies.  They didn’t like it when someone had cold hands!

Well done to our Ladybirds camera men and women who took the photos.

IMG_5403 IMG_5401 IMG_5374 IMG_5390 IMG_5394 IMG_5399

Facts about chicks by Reception

Today we have learnt that chickens dream like humans.  We wondered what they might dream about.

“I wonder if they dream about having a mum.”

The children have learnt about the life cycle of a hen.  We can see the chicks growing up and changing. They are growing wing feathers.  We are very excited that we will get to hold them today.


Cute fluffy chicks by Reception

We have 8 boys and 2girl chicks. The boys are yellow and the girls are brown.  One of the girls has stripes on her back.  We are thinking of names for the chicks.  We like the names Bakey, Tom and Stardust Chocolate.  We are writing lots of names and then our teachers will pick them out of a hat.

We cannot touch them yet as they are too little. We will be able to hold them next week.

They are really loud!